What certifications do you have?

Our certifications include TUV CE (EMC/LVD), RoHS, GS, SAA and CB. Some of them are derived from drivers. 

Can you provide free samples?

As you know, a high-quality LED panel is not cheap. If the samples are always free, it is a huge cost to us annually, and we have encountered customers who are just taking advantage of the free samples. Even so, we still managed to find a satisfactory solution for both parties. For example, before sending the samples, we will provide you with an invoice for the cost of samples and express cost (if you don’t have an express account). You need to make the total payment to our account first. The point is, if you place an order (QTY ≥ MOQ) with us after checking samples (cost ≤ 300 RMB), we will deduct the sample cost you paid from the order payment. In this way, samples are totally free.

Do you have SASO-related certifications?

Saudi Arabia is a significant market for us, and we have established long-term relationships with several TOP local customers. Our LED lights meet SASO requirements, but we do not possess any SASO-related certifications, except CB on some general driver models. Our customers are responsible for obtaining all the necessary certifications. More importantly, we work closely with capable agents who can help solve different issues and ensure smooth delivery.

What is the percentage of spare drivers included in each order? 

The percentage is 1/1000. If the order is less than 1000pcs, at least one additional driver is provided.

Could you please clarify what advantages you possess?

As a well-established production and sales LED Panel enterprise, we have various advantages that enable us to maintain long-term cooperation and trust with our customers. These advantages include stable material suppliers, reliable product partners, a stable workforce, and trustworthy local logistics companies. We keep a file for every customer in our company and ensure every order can be traced. If there are any problems, we can react quickly and provide timely solutions. 

If a problem occurs with the product during the guarantee period, should we send the damaged product to you for inspection, or will sending you images and videos of the damaged part to check be sufficient for your side? Because of the distance between our sides, we would like to take note of the details regarding the product.

If you experience any issues with the product within the warranty period, the resolution may vary based on the nature of the problem. We may be able to identify common issues through video or photo evidence. However, we may require a sample for further testing for more specific issues. We will provide the necessary materials for repairs or replacements if the issue is covered under warranty. 

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