What Is the UGR in Lighting?

February 17, 2023

We often encounter the term "UGR" in LED lighting. What does UGR stand for? It is the Unified Glare Rating, which measures the level of comfort people experience in lighting. 

Usually, URG values are 28, 25, 22, 19, 16, 13,10, and seven levels. 28 is just an intolerable value, 25 is an uncomfortable value, 22 is just an uncomfortable value, 19 is the boundary value between feeling comfortable and uncomfortable, 16 is just an acceptable value, 13 is just a feeling glare value, and 10 is no glare value.

Glare can harm our eyes, causing damage and symptoms like headaches, dizziness, palpitations, and vision loss. Anti-glare measures have become important for lighting design to create a comfortable and healthy environment. With the advancement of LED technology, LED lamps are becoming brighter, which can increase the risk of uncomfortable glare. UGR limits are being used as mandatory standards for lamps to ensure they are eye-friendly. 

For LED panels, a normal UGR value is around 22. How does the LED panel reduce UGR from 22 to 19? It needs to replace the ordinary diffuser plate with a special one. Such as the following:

What Is the UGR in Lighting?

The diffuser plate shown in the picture employs bionic technology to create numerous small masks resembling honeycomb structures on the surface of the LED panel. When the light source enters the eye, it reflects through these honeycomb-shaped masks and any stray or scattered light on the object's surface. This results in the light becoming parallel and concentric, preventing strong light stimulation and protecting the eyes. 

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